1. Personal Details


2. Visa Details


3. Address


4. Academic Qualifications (obtained or to be obtained)


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5. English Language


6. Other Languages


7. Professional Experience


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8. Personal Statement*


9. Scholarship


10. Knowledge of the ELGS


11. References

  • - At least one of your referees, if possible, should be a teacher acquainted with your academic ability and should not be family members or friends - Referees should complete the Reference Form and email it directly to the appropriate program. Click here to download the form template
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12. Academic Writing Samples

  • Upload two samples of your academic writing. Each sample should be no more than 10 pages

13. Payment details

    In order for your application to be processed you need to deposit 50€. For online payment click here or pay via wire transfer.


14. Applicant's Declaration*