EPLO study on Migration in Greece published at the EMN/EC website

We are happy to announce that the European Commission Directorate-General for Migration has published on its website a European Migration Network (EMN) Study prepared by the EPLO on “The Effectiveness of Return in EU Member States: Challenges and Good Practices Linked to EU Rules and Standards in the case of Greece.

EMN studies provide a comparative analysis of topics of immediate interest to policymakers and other stakeholders related to migration and asylum in the EU.

Policy relevant study topics are selected from proposals made by individual or groups of EMN NCPs and/ or the European Commission.

The selection is based on their relevance to current policy priorities in the Member States and Norway and to the work of the European Commission and its agencies. The Steering Board reviews and formally approves the selection of topics within the context of the annual EMN Work Programme.

EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.This is the 2nd Focussed Study (FS) for 2017.

The Project is co-funded by the European Union and the Ministry for Migration Policy of the Hellenic Republic under the European Network.

The study was prepared by the EPLO under the scientific directorship of Prof. Vassilis Hatzopoulos from Panteion University of Athens & Provost of the European Law & Governance School and the EPLO research team consisted of Theodoros Fouskas as the Senior Researcher (PhD, Sociologist, Migration Expert, 2016-17 Laboratory Assistant at TEI Athens), along with the assistance of : Georgia Pechlidi (Lawyer, LLB, Democritus University of Thrace), Andrea de Maio (J.D. University of Rome La Sapienza, Ass. Dir. for Technical Cooperation, EPLO), Cheryl Novak (MSc in International Relations, Cambridge University, Director General for Educational Activities, EPLO).